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torsdag den 2. december 2010

94 truths

Hey peeps
Folk på Facebook er gået helt amok med notes, og sender den ene 'note udfordring' efter den anden til mig, så jeg tog den længste af dem og vælger at poste den her ~ udfordringen hedder '94 truths' .. hvorfor det er 94 og ikke 100 ved jeg dog ikke ^^''
here ya' go

1. last drink: Milk

2. last phone call: My friend Laura April ~

3. last text message: My dad

4. last song heard: Lady Gagas 'Papparazzi' ~ Good stuff

5. last time cried: Tuesday ^^' I had a fight with my dad

6. got back with someone you've broken up with: Never

7. been cheated on: I hope not!! D:

9. lost someone special: Yes.. Unfortunately

10. been depressed: Yeah ^^'

11. been drunk and threw up: Urrh x__x yes. One time..

12. favorit color nr 1: Baby pink

13. favorit color nr 2: Orange

14. favorit color nr 3: white

15. made a new friend this year: Many ^///^

16. fallen in love: Yes *blush* in my Doitsu

17. laughed untill cried: Oh yeah ~ more than one time

18. met someone who has changed you: Well. in some ways.. The person made me stronger

19. have you found out who your true friends are: Yes ^^ I really have

20. found out someone was talking about you: Yes

21. kissed anyone on your facebook friend list: Yes ^///^

22. how many people in your facebook friends page do you know in real life: Most of them ^^ some of them are people i only know by name

23. how many kids do you want: 2 ^_^ thats a perfekt number

24. do you have any pets: Yes, A ferret, a dog, a boyfriend and a shitload of cats

25. do you want to change your name?: Kinda yes ^^''

26. what did you do on your last birthday?: eated at chinahouse with my sister and dad

27. what time did you wake up?: 06:00 -__- urrrhf

28. what were you doing at midnight last night?: Sleeping, nom nom nom

29. name something you CANNOT wait for: Christmas eve!!!!

30. last time you saw your brother?: ... I dont have any o3o

31. what is one thing you wish you could change in your life: Yes!! My mental strength in primary school. I was too afraid to do anything when some bullys was mean to my best friend.. If i could change one thing, i would have stood up for her

32. have you ever talked to a famous person?: Yes, but i did not know until after

33. who is getting on your nerves right now?: No one? ^^

34. most viseted web sight?: Facebook? xD

35. what's your real name?: Pernille Lykke Pedersen

36. who's your best friend?: I have many good friends ^^ It would be a shame to choose

37. relationship status?: Happy in relationship ~

38. zodiac sign: Pisces

39. male or female?: Female ;P

40. elementary school: Fårvang skole

41. middle school: Still Fårvang skole

42. high school/collage: TH langs HF ^^

43. hair color: Brown ^^

44. long or short: Looooooooong

45. height: 165 >//////>

46. do you have a crush on someone?: Yea? My Boytoy? ;P

47. what do you like about yourself?: Woah.. A hard one.. My brown eyes?

48. piercings?: everywhere in my ears ^^

49. tatoos?: Not yet TwT

50. righty or lefty?: Lefty ~

51. first surgery: Never had one

52. first piercing?: In my ears when i was 14

53. first best friend: Mathias in Kindergarten ^w^ good times

54. first sport you joined: Pf..... Sport? Me? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

55. first vacation: Uh, when i was 6 ooh.. Gran Canaria ~

56. first pair of trainers: .... Ai?...

57. eating right now: Fishy, OM NOM NOM NOM

58. drinking: Water, nooom

59. I’m about to: Post this on my Blog

60. listening to: "Rejsen til Saturen" from the TV

61. waiting for: The next show 'er det mig eller hunden' .. Doggys! ^^

62. want kids: Hell yeah!! ^^

63. Want to get married: Uhh .///. yes.... ~

64. career: I dont know yet ^^'' but something with animation

65. lips or eyes?: Eyes ~ Mmmmh

66. hugs or kisses?: BOTH! :3 KIIIISS

67. shorter or taller?: Does not matter for me

68. older or younger: Doesn’t matter much. ^^

69. romantic or spontaneous?: Boooth ~

70. nice stomach or nice arms?: Nice strong arms... O////O

71. sensitive or loud: .. eh?

72. hook-up or relationship?: Relationship ;3

73. kissed a stranger: Too many times ^^''

74. ever drank hard liquor?: Buuh, yes -__-

75. lost glasses or contacts?: None

76. have sex on first date: ................ >///////> Kinda

77. broken someones heart: ..I really hope not..

78. turned someone down: In some way.. many, many years ago, but it still haunts me..

79. cried when someone died?: Yes ;___;

80. fallen for a friend: Nope, friends are friends

81. do you belive in yourself?: Most of the time, no. but i try

82. do you belive in love at first sight: Yes

83. Do you belive in heaven: Sometimes i do, yes..

84. santa clause: Not anymore ;__;

85. kiss on the first date: Uh, yes ~

86. Do you belive in angels: Sometimes yes

87. god: Yes.. In some wiered way, i do belive in him or her

88. had more than one girlfrien/boyfriend at the same time?: No.. or yes, in Kindergarten ^^''

89. did you sing today: I sure did ~

90. ever cheat on someone?: My boyfriend/Girlfriend? No, Never

91. if you could go back in time: I would have changes some things in my life

92. the moment you would choose to live: i really dont know D:

93. are you afraid of falling in love?: No

94. are you afraid of posting these 94 truths?: No, bring it on ;P

Det var så det ~

Panda is out

3 kommentarer:

  1. Jeg vil ikke lave hele spørgeskemaet, men må lige besvare -et- spørgsmål: 26. what did you do on your last birthday?
    Got into a fight. Won. Oh yeeeah

  2. Hey,
    I just wanted you to know that Melissa posted you on 4chan. The thread was just deleted, but she wrote something about you making a guy cheat on her girlfriend..? I really like you, so I want to know if this is true...?

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